Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bayrou Will Vote Hollande ...

... but will give no consigne de vote. (h/t Robert)

Perhaps the whole idea of un consigne de vote is passé as party ties have weakened in keeping with the logic of a presidential system, which makes parties the vehicles of their candidates. Especially true for MoDem.


Anonymous said...

Bayrou essentially said "His economic program is terrible but Sarkozy's ideas are so repellent we can't possibly vote for him".
Those who hesitated between a "white" vote and a "Hollande" vote have a moral permission, which is important for party members and "humanists" of the "modem".
Like this person who said "better lose our money than lose our soul".
In fact I was struck by the fact Bayrou not only talked to the Modem but also la droite gaulliste. He told people on the right that Sarkozy's words were not republican. I think it's a pretty big deal.

mister-ede said...

As a German observer of the French Politics, i am sure, that there is a real need for changing the European financial politics.

I wrote a multilingual articel to show how important the election of Hollande is for the future of Europe.

I hope that the french people will decide for a new way out of this crisis.

FrédéricLN said...

BTW, "consigne de vote" is not in the French democratic center's tradition. Our statutes determine that our representatives in Assemblies have the freedom of vote ("liberté de vote") and the responsability for it. That will appear to American citizens as obvious, but the statutes of the Parti socialiste say the very opposite: each representative must vote the way the socialist group decides to vote ("discipline de vote").

What Bayrou could have been said was an intermediate solution: "appel à voter", in the style of the American "endorsement". But, as Anonymous puts it, we believe the Socialist agenda is as unfeasible as Sarkozy's one. Endorsing it would have been taking a part of responsibility for the forthcoming crises. We wouldn't.