Monday, May 14, 2012

First Anniversary

It's the first anniversary of DSK's arrest. And tomorrow François Hollande will be inaugurated as president, a possibility I never would have imagined on May 13, 2011.


Anonymous said...

You ain't the only one, that's f'sure...


Massilian said...

Comme quoi, le pire est probable, mais jamais certain. Expect the unexpected, is one of E. Morin's wise advice.

Steven Rendall said...

Just six months ago, I told people I thought Obama and Sarkozy would both be re-elected, for the same reason: the extreme weakness of the opposing candidates. I hope I'm not wrong again.

Cincinna said...

@Steven Rendall
   In the end, elections are always a referendum on the incumbent, and have little to do with the opponent. 
   Sarko's defeat was almost certain, despite his Herculean comeback from the landslide loss of 10+ points predicted by the left, to a 1.6% difference.
  Obama's chances are declining by the day, increasing economic problems, unemployment, $5/gallon gas,  and his bizarre coming out for gay marriage, the day after North Carolina voted 61-39 on a state Constitutional amendment establishing marriage as between one man and one woman. (the Democrat convention is scheduled for NC, and there is talk of switching the venue because NC is as good as lost. 
  This puts many other states that were in the Democrat camp up for grabs. 
  It also affects Obama's base of Blacks and Hispanics, who are in large numbers against gay marriage. 
  A very poorly thought out political position, which gives more credence to the new Edward Klein Obama bio entitled "Amateur"