Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Afternoon, France

It's morning in America, and even earlier morning in California, where I am at the moment, but in France we're nearing the end of election day: less than 4 hours to go. Turnout at midday appears to be a bit ahead of round 1 (bad for my prediction) but a bit behind where it was in 2007. According to #RadioLondres, which is still getting out the news on Twitter with imaginative (and perhaps imaginary) reports, the Gouda is ripe. But I see no point in speculating about the final result, since even the computers at France2, working with real numbers, didn't get the results quite right on round 1 for several hours. So I sit here in foggy La Jolla and wait patiently, albeit not altogether comfortably, since your intrepid blogger, normally an iron man, seems somehow to have injured his back in his travels. I am therefore somewhat uncomfortable in my usual typing position and will blog today only as the spirit moves and the flesh allows. À bientôt.

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