Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hollande and the Universities

Another prediction of mine seems to me coming true. I said that Hollande would not reverse the Law on the Reform of the Universities, better known as the Pécresse Law, if elected. The nomination of Lionel Collet, president of the U. of Lyon I and of the Council of University Presidents, as chief of staff under higher ed minister Geneviève Fioraso, seems to confirm this. Collet was not an opponent of LRU. Nor was I, although the details of implementation must be monitored carefully.

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DavidinParis said...

We shall see...but one thing is clear. Sarko and company broke the glass wall and going back on the the LRU is impossible. This stated, a win by the PS does mean that the unions, long opposed to the idea of a meritocracy and blissfully ignorant of how academic research works (see for example limits on CDDs to postdoctoral fellows) will chisel away at the edges of a program that already was too slow to be implemented. So my prediction is that the universities will continue their slow but steady decline as we saw in Italy over 20 years ago. Only the private institutions (i.e. Pasteur Institute and the like) can navigate this system that is at its roots, based on equality which is a lovely utopian concept, but for a university is the anathema of excellence.