Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hollande Loses Silicon Valley

Arun Kapil reports some fascinating data:

In the US, Nicolas Sarkozy pummeled François Hollande 61% to 39%. Sarkozy cleaned up in eight of the ten polling stations in New York City, winning upwards of 74% of the vote. But in two—no doubt on the Upper West Side and the Village—Hollande whipped Sarko 57-43. They were pretty evenly divided in San Francisco, though Hollande won Berkeley (duh) in a 57-43 landslide. But Sarko won an even bigger landslide in Palo Alto’s two polling stations (60 and 64%). Hollande’s 75% top tax rate proposal was clearly not plébiscité in Silicon Valley. Hollande’s worst US scores were in West Palm Beach FL (16%; hmmm, I wonder why?…), Las Vegas (17%), Miami 2 (18%), and Tampa (19%). In the last one, pour l’info, Marine Le Pen came in second place ahead of Hollande in round one. Must have been those military folks stationed at CENTCOM.


Matoo said...

Mamma mia, thanks for the info. o_O

Gregory Brown said...

I didn't even know there was a polling station in Las Vegas (there is no consulate here). I went at looked at the raw vote and it was 92-19 for Sarko. I wonder how much of that can be attributed to the vestiges of the Victor Chaltiel for Mayor campaign?

Art Goldhammer said...

After my talk at UNLV, someone in the audience came up and said I should stay until the first round to observe the local voting! Probably a Sarkozyste!

Cincinna said...

I'm in NY, and know literally hundreds of French citizens living here. From people who work at the French Consulate, UN delegation, the Alliance Française, the Lycée Français, where many of our children attend school, waiters, busboys, chefs, restaurateurs, people in finance, law and medicine, and retirees. I have not met a single person who voted for Hollande.
Not one if my friends, family or business associates in France voted for Hollande either.

Cincinna said...

In the US MPL got only 4% of the vote

Anonymous said...

Cincinna, your personal anecdotes are irrelevant. The only thing we learn from the one you recount here is that the people you encounter in your daily life are unrepresentative of society as a whole. But then, that's the case for all of us. So what?


Cincinna said...

I don't know why you people on the left are so shocked at the US numbers. Hollande only won by 1.6% of the vote in France!
The numbers tell the tale. There is a huge French expatriate community here in NYC, and they overwhelmingly vote à droit.
The actual numbers only confirm my personal experiences with dealing with huge numbers if French
people I encounter in my personal, professional, and everyday life on a daily basis, where I am very involved with many French and Franco-American institutions, not just a casual observer.
The two areas where Hollande won were around Columbia U and NYU. Academics live there and are overwhelmingly leftists.
NEWSFLASH: Americans don't like socialism. Liberty and freedom are contagious, and most French living and working here in the US love America.
In other news, the sky is blue!