Monday, May 7, 2012

Hollande: A Lucid Interview

François Hollande is quite lucid about the challenges he faces. In this interview, he expresses himself with clarity and grace. Let's hope that now that he is liberated from the constraints of campaigning, he will continue to demonstrate the grasp of issues that he demonstrates here. Note, in particular, his discussion of stimulus. He seems to be pinning his hopes on a European Investment Bank that will channel funds to productive investments rather than directly to end consumers--a combination of industrial policy and demand stimulus. This concept raises many challenges and difficulties, but it's a concrete proposal in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

what's missing in France since VGE is a policiy geared toward small entrerprise instead of the large ones (Dassault, Bouyges, etc ). It will take years, but the sooner the better and I dont care if it is a Socialist goverment decision.
PS for american readers Socialist in france are only socialist in name not in action. they are for a centralized government, more or less like their opponents on the right

Dairy Queen said...

Maybe the Slate journalist who interviewed Hollande could offer some pointers/context to the editors of the English language edition who gave the green light to the truly bizarre Anne Applebaum column that is running re: the "extremes" (i.e., both right and left) threatening to come to power *all* *across* *Europe* *!!!!!*. She has to execute some pretty fancy footwork to try and shoehorn Hollande's win (and Melenchon's poor showing in the first round) into a pox on both their houses report that leaves the impression Hollande is tight will all those neo-commies. The piece is astonishingly bad.