Saturday, May 5, 2012


I did an interview with the Stanford radio station after my talk. You can listen to it here. I start at about the 12' mark. I will also be on Bloomberg Radio on Monday morning at 10 AM EDT. Right now I'm at the San Francisco airport on my way to San Diego, where my last speaking stop will be at UCSD.


Anonymous said...

an American in Paris observes the "French political circus"

Cincinna said...

I really enjoyed listening to your interview. You explained the byzantine maze of French politics in a clear, informed, relatively objective fashion, geared to your American audience. I'm sure everyone who listens will learn a lot.
I recommended it to many people who are very interested, but are unfamiliar with the French system.
It is very different from out American system, except for the state of Louisiana has an almost identical two round system, so those folks get it.