Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Le Pen's Vote blanc

Sitting in the airport in Washington, DC, I learn that Marine Le Pen willl not give a consignne de vote and will vote blank herself. No surprise there, Of course the effect on her supporters remains to be seen. I suspect many will follow her lead. This could confound the pollsters, who have a hard time sorting out abstainers from voters. On verra.


Tom Holzman said...

Reminds me of Charlie Hebdo's consigne in the 1971 elections: Votez Con, Vous n'Avez pas de Choix.

Anonymous said...

Le Monde analyzes things differently:

Anonymous said...

Very good reporting from the Guardian

TexExile said...

I rather imagine Marine has increased participation rates in some quarters. More than one of my friends, faced with a choice between Hollande and Sarko, was contemplating a vote blanc. Whether they would ultimately have done so is an open question, but Marine's call to her supporters effectively closed that option to them. They will not vote white for fear of inflating her perceived support.