Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Longuet Opens the Door to "Discussion" with Le Pen

Defense minister Gérard Longuet, whose youthful involvement with the extreme right is no secret, said yesterday that Marine Le Pen, unlike her father, was a person one could "talk to" without sacrificing one's honor:

Et ce n’est pas Gérard Longuet qui lui donnerait tort. Dans un entretien à paraître cette semaine dans Minute, le ministre de la défense et ancien membre du groupuscule d’extrême droite Occident estime qu’on peut « parler » avec Marine Le Pen. Voire se réjouit d’avoir une interlocutrice qui n’a pas été condamnée plusieurs fois pour injures à caractère raciste, comme son père : « Il sera désormais possible de parler de sujets difficiles avec un interlocuteur qui n'est pas bienveillant mais qui, au moins, n'est pas disqualifié. Il n'y a pas, à ce jour, de déclarations funestes de Marine Le Pen ou alors j'attends qu'on me les montre. »
This may not be the official UMP position on Le Pen, but it was clearly intended as a trial balloon. Longuet was immediately disavowed by Rama Yade, among others. But the Right has discovered that, like it or not, there will be a Le Pen in its future, and it is trying to figure out how to deal with the new reality. It's really a shame that Sarkozy's one great accomplishment--the clear defeat he inflicted on Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2007--has come undone in the general ruin of his presidency.

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Dairy Queen said...

But are the two linked? I.e., wasn't Sarkozy's strategy to defeat Le Pen in 2007 by going further in appealing to FN voters' issues than other mainstream right candidates have ever done? And wasn't this ouverture precisely the first step in the process now being pushed further by both Sarkozy and others such as Longuet? Sarkozy's 2007 victory only looks like any kind of "great accomplishment" in total isolation, to my mind.