Thursday, May 10, 2012

Polanski Compares Himself to Dreyfus

My cousin Marc isn't buying it.


Tom Holzman said...

Your cousin is certainly correct. Assuming the truth of the accusations, Polanski would appear at the other end of the spectrum from Dreyfus. He was certainly not blameless and being nonetheless hounded because he was a Jew and someone was needed as a scapegoat.

Mitch Guthman said...

Just to be clear, he took a plea bargain and left no doubt as to whether he drugged and raped this young girl. He did it and from the way the victim testified about how well he organized her rape, it is reasonable to suppose that was neither the first nor the last time he raped a young girl.

That this rapist of children is treated as an honored member of French society is a terrible stain on their national character.

As an aside, does anyone know whether the Grand Jury testimony of the victim was ever translated into French, and, if so, where it can be found?

wm said...

The only problem with this post, and that of your cousin, is that I haven't seen Polanski compare himself with Dreyfus.

I've read that he has wanted to make a film about the subject for some time--many directors would be attracted to the drama and historical importance of the story. That he was persecuted for a religion that they both share would also appeal to the director. But that doesn't mean Polanski takes himself to be the Captain or feels that his legal case is comparable.

Cincinna said...

What you said!

Tom Holzman said...

Mitch - grand jury testimony usually remains sealed. I am not even sure an English version exists.

wm said...

There is a documentary coming out, however: