Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The PS and Karachigate

Mediapart has another revelation: the Socialists knew about financial irregularities in the sale of submarines to Pakistan, and they knew that the kickbacks had been used to finance the Balladur campaign. But they chose to sit on that knowledge rather than blow up the political system by transmitting the information to an investigating magistrate. It will be interesting to hear their reasons. To be sure, they were cohabiting at the time with Jacques Chirac, Balladur had used the money to try to defeat Chirac, and Jospin no doubt thought it might ease his relations with the president to transmit this bombshell information to him and let him decide how to use it. Assuming he didn't already know. Fascinating story.

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bernard said...

I don't have access to mediapart, so have not read their story. On the other hand was working at the time in the same small (in France) financial company as B's principal financial conduit, which was 100% in Van B's sights. We did not know about Karachi, were watching very closely financial conduit, who was driving over and after Chamonix every week-end, we were in contact with friendly press. Any inkling of Karachi would have had me and some others running to Van B. Never happened, fortunately for him, unfortunately for France.