Monday, May 7, 2012

A Remarkable Coincidence

Hollande and Mitterrand were elected with almost identical scores:
Il a si bien réussi à "faire" François Mitterrand qu'il a reproduit, à quelques dixièmes de point près, le score du premier socialiste à avoir réussi à se faire élire président de la République sous la Ve République. Il est devenu le second en obtenant 51,68 % des suffrages exprimés, alors que François Mitterrand en avait totalisé 51,76 %, dans un contexte de participation sensiblement plus élevé : près de 86 % des électeurs inscrits s'étaient déplacés, le 10 mai 1981, pour départager François Mitterrand et Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, tandis qu'ils n'ont été que 81,03 % à le faire, dimanche, pour choisir entre M. Hollande et M. Sarkozy.


walk and talk said...

Mr. Goldhammer,
I heard you this morning on Bloomberg stating that President Hollande did not have a program? Then what does it mean to hire more teachers, social workers, nurses in Education.
Did you know that under Sarkozy 94000 teachers were cut from the schools.
If you want Retrouvez l'integralite de mes 60 engagements pour la France sur

Finally you saw that President Hollande had his evening in Tulle and Paris not FOUQUET'S on the Champs-Elysees.

President Hollande will bring respect, morality and justice to the French people.

Art Goldhammer said...

Dear Walk and Talk, Hollande does not have a detailed program to restore growth to the economy, which was the issue I was discussing on the radio. As I said, he wants to recapitalize the EIB, but to the tune of only 200 million euros, which is too little. Yes, he has promised to hire more schoolteachers. But he has also promised to balance the budget within 5 years. Let us see which of these promises is kept, if either. And I say this as a supporter of Hollande. His program is as thin as his margin of victory.

LC said...

The parallel with the early eighties is actualy quite good, including a rise of the Front National and a major European crisis coming in the wake of an economic one. Even Afghanistan...

Let's hope the story will end as well as it did end then.