Friday, May 4, 2012

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«Et pour nous au Front national... euh... pour eux au Front national», a promptement corrigé Gérard Longuet, qui a eu une jeunesse à l'extrême droite.
Il a dit ensuite à propos de ce lapsus linguae: «On va dire un lapsus Longuet»...


MYOS said...

By bridging the divide between extreme right and republican right (both symbolically, with "the FN is Republican", and concretely, with the "assumption of self defense" right for police officers who shot and killed, the rhetorics whereby "foreigners are muslim", the campaign clip...) Sarkozy freed some racist expression and worisome behavior (journalists were spat upon yesterday in Toulon, bottles were thrown at them..) - and in turn created a new type of "Republican front" against himself. I have no doubts that Bayrou will be in opposition to Hollande. But stopping the "bridge" has become a priority, as Longuet's words attest.

bernard said...

I agree.

Men of good will must vote on Sunday. To all of those who hesitate, I propose the following question: who amongst us had even the slightest idea in the eighties that genocidal war would erupt in the middle of Europe ten years later, five hundred kilometers from France? The answer is not one of us.

We are living the most massive economic crisis of our existence, where mass unemployment is becoming the norm. Let us not be complascent, let us maintain an iron curtain against racism and nationalism. Each of us has a different opinion, a different view about what should be done to get us out of this morass, but all of us can live together and agree to disagree if we repell those who stand ready to destroy this iron curtain to further their career.

Anonymous said...

Genocidal war? Get a hold of yourself (and maybe pick up a history book).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I amonly so clever because I heard this week a discussion on genocide , in a transmission of France Inter about the khmers rouges , where the main judge stated that the crime against umanities is a given, but the genocide decision is still out.
So instead of Bernard picking a history book, I suggest you pick some google skillz (and a dose of self doubts) . you may find for instance that:
"Le Tribunal pénal international pour l’ex-Yougoslavie a qualifié de génocide le massacre de Srebrenica — massacre de 6 50044 à 8 000 hommes bosniaques commis par des Serbes de Bosnie en juillet 1995 pendant la Guerre de Bosnie-Herzégovine. Cette qualification a été prononcée lors du jugement de Radislav Krstić, le 2 août 200145 (décision confirmée lors du passage en appel de la même affaire le 19 avril 2004). Cette qualification a été confirmée également par la CIJ, qui a cependant jugé que la Serbie en tant qu’État n’en était pas le responsable."