Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seven Percent Voted Blank

An historic record: 2 million blank votes. Do we interpret this as a true "neither of the above" vote or an indication of the strength of Marine Le Pen?


Anonymous said...

I am reminded by a French friend that there are several other candidates, beside Le Pen, who may lay claim to these votes from loyal and sentimental supporters.

Cincinna said...

Just curious, but how exactly are les votes blancs counted? Are they part of the 100% of votes cast, or are they left out of the Sarkozy/Hollande divide?

LC said...

On the vote blanc, and excellent post by Maitre Eolas:

pass the first part on polls, go to the part on blank votes.

Leo said...

Hard to say. Just a few thoughts:
There were already 2% null and void for round one.
Bayrou first round voters could also be a significant share of the remaining 3%