Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Despite intermittent connection problems, I saw enough of the great debate to get the flavor. Hollande did well enough, I thought, and Sarkozy was unable to wipe the sneer from his face. So as far as I'm concerned, we remain at the status quo ante, which is Hollande up by 6. Anybody see it differently?

And what happened to Pujadas and Ferrari? Barbie and Ken might as well have been actual dolls instead of doll look-alikes. They neither moderated, directed, nor civilized the debate. On the whole, it was as disappointing as the rest of the campaign, and if I have to hear Sarkozy say one more time "folie dépensière" or "mensonge," I think I'll scream.


Passerby said...

It's a draw.

By that I mean that no candidate clearly smashed his opponent, and no candidate self-damaged his image (Segolène-style).

Both were very combative from the first minutes. Which is certainly why Ferrari and Pujadas were inexistent. The 2 candidates acted as if they were alone on the ring.

Hollande was in good position to win before the debate. Sarkozy's best chance to turn the tide was this debate. A draw will benefit his opponent.

Anonymous said...

Vous êtes un petit calomniateur!

Gero von Randow said...

And the winner is .... FH. He will have to change his budget policies before long, though.

Anonymous said...

I went into the debate wondering whether Hollande would make it, but now I think Hollande won. He hit the ground running and Sarkozy was not able to gain traction after that, except during the debate about illegal or legal immigrants and detention centers for children. Within 2mn of Hollande asking Sarkozy "so, you were not at the Bristol Hotel with Eric Woerth, raising money for UMP?" "No I wasn't" the picture of Sarkozy leaving the Bristol hotel with Woerth was produced by a journalist. There was a lot of fact checking during the debate, whereby it appears Hollande did know what he was talking about most of the time whereas Sarkozy was either wrong or "too imprecise" most of the time. DSK wasn't Sarkozy's silver bullet - Hollande told him "do you know everything your collaborators do in private? Or did you have information that I didn't, when èyou sent him to the IMF?"

Pierre Paga said...

The Sarkozy camp pinned so much publicity on this debate hoping for a clear advantage, this debate actually put Hollande in a good light : he was combative, had a few nice phrases, didn't show much of an opening... This debate complemented his image rather than trapping him into it, which makes him the night's winner in my opinion.

But of course, we can only wait and see. Especially since the way the debate is talked about will be at least as important as the debate itself in influencing public opinion.

Anonymous said...

"François Hollande gagne aux points, sans contest", Christophe Barbier says. The same Christophe Barbier who's best friends with Carla Bruni.

Some stuff in English
The Telegraph:
The Guardian:

iTélé: Nicolas Sarkozy s'est tiré une balle dans le pied, il a sous estimé son adversaire. On saura si ça a été fatidique... euh... décisif...

Anonymous said...

from Atlantico, conservative website:
La perception des Français en direct : une partie de l’opinion estime avoir changé d’avis -"en bien"- à propos de François Hollande, bilan à peu près neutre pour Nicolas Sarkozy.

Anonymous said...

ONline, the general consensus seems to be that Hollande has "won" what was clearly presented as a duel. Since Sarkozy had promised to make Hollande "explode" and since people expected little of Hollande, it looks like Hollande not only "won" the debate but also the "buzz".
A funny recap with a tweet stating "First time a man breaks a tooth on a flamby" (Flamby is a flan with caramel coating, popular with children. Soft, creamy, and jello-strong.)

Anonymous said...

Flamby is a nickname for Hollande, at least one that I see on Twitter a lot.

As for the debate, I found it very stressful. Hollande's aggressivity surprised me, the way he kept snapping at Sarkozy, who remained for the most part unflappable.

Hollande definitely loses points for interrupting Sarkozy in the closing statements; that is simply bad form.