Sunday, June 17, 2012

Absolute Majority for the Left, Royal, Bayrou Lose

The Socialists will have 291 seats. Ségolène Royal lost her seat, as did François Bayrou. François Hollande now has all the support he needs to enact a program of the left. It remains to be seen what that program is.


Robert said...

Royal went on TV at 7:52 PM to announce her defeat and attack Falorni in very harsh terms. I counted the word "trahison" at least three times and "traitre" at least twice. She also said the district had, in effect, elected a right-wing candidate in light of UMP voters' support for Falorni.

Passerby said...

Bayrou's defeat, at the time that the right starts its reorganization, might be a good opportunity for a new center to emerge. Although I fail to see a charismatic leader to do that.

The left's absolute majority might be a challenge as well. Centrists might be tempted to join the opposition in a systematic anti-government stance, rather than negotiate their votes on key issues.

Cincinna said...

If anybody had any doubts, Royal's whining, ungracious speech, talk of treason. her pomposity quoting Victor Hugo, calling for vengeance, reminded everyone why 63% voted against her. No right wing conspiracy here, but in a democratic election, people said a loud "no!" to the sanctimonious, bitter, parachuted in candidate.
It's always great to win, but being gracious in defeat, and accepting the verdict of the people is the lesson of democracy this woman never learned.