Monday, June 25, 2012

Image of Public Services Improves

In France, at any rate, but not in the rest of Europe.


Anonymous said...

awesome article

In other news: Valls doesn't see a need for a "récépisé" after an ID checks. I'm sorely disapointed. I find ID checks useless and offensive. I can't understand why French people are so attached to them. I'm sure Arun will have a post soon because if confirmed it's a real blow. :s


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of how, after the 1986 Paris bombings, the metro was overrun with sinister policemen checking the ids of mainly foreign-looking passengers. Well, they didn't catch any terrorist that way, obviously, but caught some illegal migrants.

I mentioned this to an old neighbour, who much liked the idea of id checks in the metro. He said it was well worth it, if some damn Arabs had been arrested... (the bombers were actually thought to be Iranian diplomats, not metro riders, with diplomatic immunity).


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