Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jacob Beats Bertrand

In the first test of strength between Copé and Fillon, Christian Jacob, l'âme damnée of the former, won handily in his bid to become head of the UMP group in the AN, defeating Xavier Bertrand 117 to 63. Dommage.


bernard said...

I would expect that UMP may have a fate similar to several parties that have been in office for a long time and suddenly find themselves in the wilderness: an initial move towards the extreme followed by several years in the wilderness before cooler heads prevail. I certainly hope i'm not wrong, though.

FrédéricLN said...

This election paves actually the way for Mr Copé, as the hardline Mr Sarkozy used during the campaign was validated by the good electoral result at the presidential election. If the UMP can't grasp the FN vote, it can't come back to power. But the ways for this aren't clear: acting as a sub-FN shouldn't work properly at national scale.

Nevertheless, on the personal level, "Ame damnée" sounds too negative for M. Jacob, imho. He might be compared to some chairman of cotton farmers Union in the USA: serious interests to advocate for at national level, no personal interest for damnation or being considered as a hardliner.