Thursday, August 23, 2012

How do you say l'arroseur arrosé in German?

It seems that Germany, having imposed austerity on the rest of Europe, is now slipping into recession at an accelerating rate. Perhaps this will concentrate minds in Berlin.


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Anonymous said...

More like Eadiitorl Dlihget and Dassault.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Art,

I seriously doubt whether any of these people care a whit that the needless suffering of the murderous austerity they insanely imposed on the rest of Europe has reached Germany because it won’t affect them personally. It is a well known fact that while Davos Man understands that the suffering of other people is necessary for the greater good, Davos Man himself must not suffer. Davos Man will surely continue to live in the lap of luxury at taxpayer expense with lucrative second careers funded by financiers. Davos Man is different.

(This is one of the three great maxims of modern life. The other two being: “Only the little people pay taxes” and “Nobody important ever really pays”)

Anonymous said...

Arroseur arrosé: "Selber Schuld" could do, till a mothertongue improve on it.
The funny thing: it is for me one of the handful of idiosyncracies of the German culture.
Some others you learn from abroad, druing language lesson.
Heimat - gemütlich - Denker, dichter, Richter... -
But I discoverred "Selber Schuld" by myself in the everyday interaction between people.
MAybe it is because I was born in a catholic/latin culture.

THe nice thing is, they won't blame the others once in recession ;-)