Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Critique of Sarkozy's Special Regimes Reform

Bernard Girard calls my attention to this interesting critique of Sarkozy's reform of the special regimes at the RATP and SNCF. There were reports at the time that key interest groups were bought off with special "side payments" that were not publicly discussed. New research and a report by the Cour des Comptes appear to confirm this. Worth reading.


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FrédéricLN said...

This issue was already the reason of our critical appraisal by then. (our = the MoDem, inc. F. Bayrou). It remained unheard, as often, as we are a small (…or medium) political force, and because, as usual, the French debate was purely ideological, even on a topic on which the bottom line should have been read first.

I don't find a media source, but for example this comment posted in August 2008 by someone on Agoravox : "Bayrou avait effectivement mis le doigt sur la réforme des régimes spéciaux qui n’en était pas une. Selon ses dires, la réforme coûterait en fait plus chère à l’état sur les 20 prochaines années que si elle n’avait pas eu lieu, avant de produire quelques effets dérisoirement progressifs sur les 40 suivantes. On peut tout à fait le croire, puisque X. Bertrand présent dans la même émission n’avait pas osé démentir." http://www.agoravox.fr/actualites/economie/article/regimes-speciaux-on-ne-vous-avait-43293

Of course, I would have preferred if he counts had shown we were wrong.

FrédéricLN said...

oops - if "the" counts.

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Anonymous said...

Quite a few people pointed out the reform would cost more than its predecessor, which in turn would have cost less and less the way it was structured.
This was typial of Sarkozy's, though: aggressive stance, big words (a whole windfarm of them), and counterproductive measures.