Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Shameful Episode at Trocadéro

The French authorities are clearly nervous. Charlie Hebdo lit a fuse with its provocative cartoons, and certain zones of Paris have been placed off limits to demonstrators who might have a beef with the satirical newspaper. But the overzealous police seem to have taken the ban on demonstrations as license to cleanse the premises of anyone with the wrong racial identity. The treatment of the family described in the article is totally unacceptable in a liberal democracy, and the government should make amends to show that it understands this. (h/t Arun Kapil)


Anonymous said...

I looks that it is the old woman wearing a veil that led our perspicacious police to deduce the whole family was a group of islamists.


Anonymous said...

As Art states it was truly a shameful and ignorant action by the security forces. But some unusual events and declarations are occuring in France that should raise some eyebrows too.
For example in Marseille a few days ago Rom squatters were forced to leave and the remnants of the camp was burned by irate North Africans with, it seems, police and general public acquiescence.
A prominent UMP politician who during the Vichy period would not have been considered as part of the national communiuty has in the midst of a contested leadership campaign recently borrowed National Front rhetoric defending the native French population against so-called "anti-white racism".

Cincinna said...

Google Jean-François Copé on the French site, and the first thing that pops up is "François Copé juif"
From your vile comments that are anti-Semitic Jew baiting, that I assume you find acceptable, but any observations about Roms or North Africans are racist.
Copé's statement on racism anti-blanc may be worded in a fashion I would never use, he is on target.
What Copé said is an observation of a reality. I wouldnt have worded it as he did, but I understand exactly what he means. And it isn't racist code or dog whistling, just a statement of fact.  His analysis of the societal problems in France are reality based, not "poached" from the neo-fascist, anti-Semite MLP.
 The left in France seems to be mimicking the left in the US: everything is viewed through the lens of race. They are the racists, as they view almost everything from a racial perspective. 
One listen to Christiane Taubira, proves my point. 
 In France, just as in the US, the left has proven over and over again it is anti-Western and anti-Western European culture,  pro-third world, and anti Judeo-Christian values, which are the foundation of our civilization and society.  
  If you turn your back on your roots, your culture, and civilization, you are doomed as a nation. 
 It also leaves an enormous cultural void, as well as power void. There are many waiting and ready to take advantage of that weakness and void,  and impose their own. 

 In this week's poll in Le Monde's l'Expression Publique, 61% are in agreement with JF Copé's statement about racisme anti-blanc.
  Apparently 61% of your compatriots agree with it as well. 
Question 7 : 
Dans son livre qui paraît, Jean-François Copé parle d'un "racisme anti-blanc" qui se développe en France. 
Êtes-vous d'accord ou pas d'accord avec cette façon de voir ?
Tout à fait d'accord 41 %
Plutôt d'accord 
20 %
Plutôt pas d'accord 12 %
Pas d'accord du tout 23 %
Sans opinion 4 %
Non réponse 0 %

Unknown said...

In the guise of attacking prejudice, you dismiss millions of people, whom you dub "the left" in both France and the United States, as "racists." That is a vile slander, and I would hope you would apologize for it. I am allowing your comment to stand, because I think it is self-discrediting.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Cincinna,

I don’t think Anonymous is making a racialist statement about either Copé or racism so much as an observation about the fracturing of the French community under the stress of the economic crisis. I have myself often made similar observations and, indeed, pointed to this very incident in Marseille as an example of how the crisis has intensified the divisions in French society. We can expect more “competition” between the immigrant and minority groups, just as we can expect to see more animosity between the français de souche and just about everybody else. This is as we have already seen in Greece and should surprise nobody. Europe’s drift towards a society of all against all is apparently just another price to be paid for saving the euro instead of saving the people.

I must also take issue with your crude description of the “left” and it’s values. I don’t think that Christiane Taubira constitutes the whole of the left-wing of French politics any more than David Duke represents the entire conservative movement in America, of which he is a part.

Unknown said...

Surely you're not comparing Taubira with Duke. Even a conservative jurist like Philippe Bilger admires her intelligence and talent:

Cincinna said...

  I think my comment warrants further explanation.
  If I over-generalized about the left, I should have been more precise. It is not the liberals, who are a dying breed on the left, but the rest of the left. 
  My comment was "The left in France seems to be mimicking the left in the US: everything is viewed through the lens of race. They are THE racists, as THEY view almost everything from a racial perspective"

 I personally use the model of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. People should be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. 

   There are different kinds of racism and racists; the obvious, hating or discriminating against someone in employment, housing, school admission. But if you think it through, there is another kind of racism, viewing everything- politics, culture, religion, through the lens of race. In judging human beings not for who they are or what they achieve, but by the color of their skin, or by extension, which ethnic group they belong to, or their sex or sexual preference.
  Dividing people along those lines, known as "identity politics" in the US is a dangerous way for a society to view fellow human beings. 

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Art,

Point taken. My comparison was inelegantly organized but my thought was to compare the example given (Christiane Taubira) as the left most extreme who is somehow representative of all the left with a person at the extreme right of the American political spectrum (David Duke.

I must also confess that I always found her unseemly about someone who is such an obvious, relentless self-promoter. She has no political agenda or beliefs and she does not seem to want to help improve anyone’s life beyond a few symbolic gestures related to slavery. She isn’t involved at all with the issues that are so important to the future of France.I understand that all politicians are self-promoters but she has done it too blatantly for my tastes and she seemed to change parties entirely to suit her ambition. In the end, you have to believe in something besides yourself.

But you are right that she is intelligent and highly educated; I agree that she is by no means a lefty counterpart of David Duke and I certainly never intended to suggest that she is.