Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Critiques of GMO Study

Critiques of that sensationalized GMO study keep coming. See here, here, here, and h/t to Arthur Charpentier here.

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bernard said...

Most of us, starting with me, are perfectly incapable of making an informed judgment on these scientific fistfights. I do believe that this may be one reason why the concept of peer review was invented.

All that we do know is that there are myriads of different GMOs. Chances are, some are on balance a positive step, some are on balance a negative step.

Faced with incomprehensible scientific fistfights underpinned by gigantic economic and financial interests, the only rational reaction for the clueless public - most of us - is to remain very prudent with these products until the science is actually settled scientifically.

Given the past history of big business's concern for public health, why should we trust on faith the Monsantos of this world.