Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hollande Denounces Religious Fanaticism

François Hollande made a strong speech today condemning the fanaticism that claims the mantle of Islam.

«L'honneur des civilisations islamiques est d'être plus anciennes, plus vivantes et plus tolérantes que certains de ceux qui prétendent abusivement aujourd'hui parler en leur nom. Il est l'exact contraire de l'obscurantisme qui anéantit les principes et détruit les valeurs de l'Islam en portant la violence et la haine.»
And he said this in the presence of wealthy Muslim donors.


yabonn said...

And he said this in the presence of wealthy Muslim donors.

By which you mean?

Art Goldhammer said...

By which I mean that he didn't pander to his wealthy donors, unlike Mitt Romney in the United States.

Anonymous said...

These were art donors, they were not donors to the French socialist party. Your comparison with Romney does not make sense.

Mitch Guthman said...

I understood Art to be saying that Hollande deserves praise for going before a group of people who are very likely PS voters and telling him what might be unpleasant truth. If one assumes that the audience was composed of French Muslims then it seems quite likely that they are indeed his supporters. Hollande showed political courage and moral forthrightness by telling them what he thought instead of pandering to them.

Where I disagree with Art is on the question of whether Mitt Romney was pandering to his audience of rich people at his fundraiser. I don’t think he was pandering. The pandering was when he ran for governor and senator in Massachusetts. What you saw on that tape was the real Mitt Romney. He’s a coldhearted, sneering plutocrat who thinks half the population of my country are nothing but “looters and moochers”.

Anonymous said...

I am not often impressed with Hollande but I think that here, he hit all the right notes.
That paragraph is awesome.

Mitch: he didn't say it to donors to the PS. He said it to wealthy backers of islamist movements, such as Saudi Aurabian princes. They donated lots of art for the Louvre Islamic Art wing. (See NYT for pictures)

As for Mitt Romney, whether he meant it or was just pandering is beside the point in my opinion. Perhaps Romney believes that if you're good you're wealthy, then if you're not wealthy it means you're bad, but does it really matter whether he believes it? He basically said that who you vote for indicates whether you're hard working or not, and whether you deserve his consideration or not. You can't be president of the United States thinking half the country is made of second-class citizens
(especially since even these people, who would pay on average about 20-26% in social security and such, pay more tax than Romney himself.)

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Anonymous,

It’s very simple. Mitt Romney believes that god meant the big to be big and the little to be little.