Friday, September 14, 2012

Hollande Opposes Fracking

François Hollande has rejected 7 applications for fracking permits in France. I remain undecided about the wisdom of fracking, which has seriously transformed the U.S. energy equation. There is some evidence of environmental damage, but the claim that such damage is worse than that associated with other forms of energy supply has not been proven. At first glance, Hollande's rejection seems to be based not on a cost-benefit analysis but on implacable opposition to the technology.


James Brown said...

Here's a recent interview in the Wall Street Journal with Daniel Yergin, an expert in energy, on the oil/fracking revolution. It'd be a pity for France to fall behind due to its strong inhibitions, not always reality/reason-based, vis à vis shale gas & oil. The country could sure use the economic boost and the job creation resultant from it.

James Brown said...

Oops here's the link:

FrédéricLN said...

Well, our landscape diversity, population density, and real estate value, seriously challenge the North-American ones. It may me a reasonable computation to allow "chez vous" fracking (or blowing hills to mine coal!) and avoid it "chez nous".

Moreover, the gas will still be there in 5 years, and the prices of gas will not be lower, my guess. Moreover, technology will perhaps have made progress, and extraction mays have become smarter. So, it's a patrimonial preference, too. I approve it in full ;-)

DavidinParis said... nuclear, carries a permanent and big risk. Perhaps the discussion should be if you really know what it entails. For once, I am agreed with Hollande...a rare event indeed. Chemical leaks and water table a country with so much wind, sun and water power, this and a large dose of conservation should go a longer way while waiting for technologies to get better and safer.


Phenomenologist said...

I am always surprised and disappointed by support for fracking. Supporters must be ignoring those Youtube videos of residents setting fire to the water coming out of their kitchen faucets.