Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monti and Hollande Call for Greater Growth

We've heard the words before, but is there more substance this time? Perhaps. Mario Monti and François Hollande met in Italy and called for greater growth. More to the point, however, they agreed that a high-speed rail line would be built between Lyon and Turin. This is the kind of concrete infrastructure project that can actually create jobs and usefully absorb public funds. Exactly how the project will be financed remains unclear, however.

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bernard said...

You are right about the employment creation potential, from the building of it of course but also from the regional development that follows along the line and which has been well documented for previous TGV lines.

But you didn't mention the fun part. This is going to go down really well with the ecologists who have been strenuously protesting the digging of the tunnel in the Alps. While protesting almost every TGV project (not in my backyard, you know)they are naturally and especially theoretically in favour of trains...