Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Le Pen Minister?

Did Nicolas Sarkozy consider offering Marine Le Pen the ministry of the interior on the eve of the final presidential debate? According to Bernard Girard, this is the message of a forthcoming book--and the proposal came from Camille Pascal, a centrist, not from one of Sarkozy more extremist advisors such as Patrick Buisson. Remarkable if true. Ã suivre.


Mitch Guthman said...

I find this very difficult to believe. What would Sarkozy have possibly gained by such a move? Whatever he gained from the fringes of the far right (most of whom had no place else to go anyway) he would surely have lost many times over in desertions by the Gaullists and the center-right MoDems who voted for him in the second round (perhaps even triggering desertions from the center of the UMP).

Sarkozy (France’s once and probably future president) is far too shrewd for something so childish. I would expect it of John McCain but never of Sarko.

FrédéricLN said...

To call Camille Pascal a centrist is very brave. I've actually read that before, and that relates to his former linkage with François Bayrou then Philippe Douste-Blazy. But right-wing religion-rooted conservative would fit much better, I think. Well, I don't know him, it's merely a guess.