Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sarko le Barbu

Ex-Pres. Sarkozy has grown a beard, as you may have heard. No, he hasn't converted to Islam. Roselyne Bachelot thinks that he will keep the beard as long as he is content to remain out of politics, but the minute he ends his "retirement," the beard will come off.

In any case, he has been talking with reporters about his successors at both the Élysée and the UMP. About Hollande, apparently, he speaks only in mimed gestures: rolled eyes, shrugged shoulders, etc. "Il sait que ses propos sont immédiatement répercutés et qu'un manque d'élégance pourrait lui coûter cher dans l'opinion.:" But it seems that concern about lack of elegance doesn't hold him back when discussing François Fillon: he "has no balls," Sarko says of his former "collaborator." He's just a bourgeois from the Sarthe and will never win the presidency because he doesn't have what it takes to talk to "le peuple."

Take it for what it's worth, folks. Is this a covert endorsement of Copé? It's odd that Sarkozy has no harsh words for JFC, since there was no love lost between the two during his presidency. Maybe he views Copé as a stalking horse for ... himself. If and when he decides to make a comeback, a UMP droitisée by Copé would be a more suitable vehicle than a UMP bourgeoisifiée by Fillon, and Copé, who is running as Sarko bis, would be easier to dislodge than Fillon, however emasculated.

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TexExile said...

Reminds me of the days when Ted Kennedy's weight was an indicator of how seriously he was contemplating the next presidential election. I never rested easy until he just gave up and got fat.