Thursday, October 25, 2012

The EU Is Collapsing

Or at any rate, the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg is. The ceiling and supporting structures have developed cracks. Here is Deputy Mélenchon's characteristically mordant account:

J’étais à Strasbourg lundi et mardi. J’y retourne jeudi et vendredi. Mais la session de novembre est annulée. Elle devait avoir lieu à Bruxelles. Malheureusement les piliers qui soutiennent l’hémicycle sont fissurés. Et tout menace de s’écrouler. Cette allégorie de l’Etat de l’Union fait évidemment les gorges chaudes des mauvais plaisants de la maison. Ils sont nombreux. (h/t BrentW)
Mélenchon adds this little jab at the government back in France:

Bien-sûr, la politique choisie mène aux plus grandes difficultés sociales et elle fait le lit de la droite. Elle finira mal. Elle a déjà mal tourné partout. La zapatérisation du nouveau gouvernement est fulgurante !
"Zapaterization": the comparison of Hollande with Zapatero is not new, but the substantive may be.


Mitch Guthman said...

An interesting juxtaposition of posts. Billions for the bankers but the people’s house is treated like rental property.

As for the “Zapaterization” of Hollande, I’m afraid that Mélenchon is right about that, too. It’s ironic that in nearly the United States and many European countries, liberal or left-leaning governments came to power in the immediate aftermath of a crash caused by conservative economics. For some reason I don’t understand, Zapatero committed the political capital of the left to right-wing economic policies which he knew would be economically disastrous and massively unpopular. In the USA and Greece, it was the same thing. Now, Hollande seems to be repeating the same mistakes and I can’t for the life of me understand why.

The other really confusing thing is that Hollande and his people can’t seem to keep their stories straight---one minute everything is fine, the treaty is an excellent one that requires no changes and soon we will see the recovery. But every so often, Hollande or some other high-ranking PS minister go back to attacking Merkozy and talking about how we need growth and renouncing Angela Merkel and all her works. It’s very confusing. I honestly have no clue what’s going on with these people.

India Tour said...

Its very unfortunate to read this.

mollymooly said...

In fact it's the Brussels hemicycle that's closed, not the Strasbourg one. This month's plenary in Strasbourg went ahead, next month's in Brussels is cancelled.