Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Is Not a Tabloid or a Scandal Sheet

Nevertheless, as Tolstoy observed, gossip is an essential part of human existence, and there is some gossip that is too juicy to ignore in a fit of high-mindedness.


Anonymous said...

The French media is being more polite about the whole affair, although sleeping with both Hollande and Devedjian is a bit much, but those British tabloids!

I remember an English newspaper whining that, if the French had decent media, they would print detailed stories about what goes on in our politicians' bedrooms! These kinds of uninhibited rumours, spread by people wanting to show they are in the know, are common in "les dîners en ville", but not considered really fit to print in serious papers.

Meanwhile, according to Mediapart, Brussels plans to privatise our government-managed health programs! Not a very sexy subject, but vastly more important for all of us.


Massilian said...

It is tabloïd junk material. Has nothing to do with French Politics. C'est indigne de vous, monsieur le professeur Goldhammer. I am far too "indigné" by the incredible judgment, 13 years later (!) of the "viol en réunion" de Nina and Stephanie in the Val de Marne, to say more.

Mitch Guthman said...

An interesting tidbit of gossip but hardly a scandal of politics. I don’t personally approve of this lifestyle, especially for men and women with children (and the political class in France does seem to breed prolifically). This is of concern only to those families, although I think it speaks to the way in which the political class is becoming an inbreed, insular coterie whose concerns and lifestyle are far removed from those of the ordinary Frenchman.

Still, even for someone who takes politics ridiculously seriously, I don’t really see Valerie Trierweiler as a French Christine Keeler (even though I must admit the Profumo affair was the first thing that popped into my mind).

TexExile said...

M. Hollande promised us a normal presidency, and I am sure he would not lie about something so important as that, so I suppose this is the new normal.

As for Mme Trierweiler, her conduct does at least show an unusual degree of political balance for a journalist.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Massilian. The Val de Marne judgement (no sentencing or 3 years for serial rapists who bullied and threatened two underage girls for years, to the point of leading one to suicide - which she survived) deserves more our attention than who Hollande's current partner used to be with. This, after a man convicted of 56 counts of rape got a suspended sentence. It just doesn't seem possible in an "advanced" democracy, does it? So, what does it tell us about flaws in the French judicial system, ways of thinking, or whatever?

Anonymous said...

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Cincinna said...

 The gang rape of the girls in Val de Marne with the negligible or no prison term given to the rapists (recidivists with multiple convictions) is a despicable crime, and miscarriage of justice. 
  In the US, it would be a totally different story. Speedy trial, probable conviction, sentencing 25-life or LIFE WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. 
 Obviously no right to a speedy trial trial in France! Just one more proof that justice delayed is justice denied.  
  Violent crime against girls and women is still a major problem in  "civilized" societies. Aside from the trauma and horrific damage done to the victims, it discourages other victims from coming forward and filing complaints. 
 The Hollande, Valerie, Devedjian story goes far beyond simple tabloid gossip. All three are public figures, so none of this "vie privée" nonsense is applicable. 
 Firstly, shows the incestuous nature of the relationship between the press and politicians of both parties, as well as the total disregard of normal conventional behavior (all three were married with children). The dissolution of respect for marriage and the family, the glue of societal cohesion, is leading France to a dark place that is far more serious than any frivolous gossip. More important was a major political coverup of the  affair between the supposed "partner" Hollande, of the candidate for the presidency of France, Ségolène Royal, and his already mistress, Trierweiler, for the purpose of duping the French into voting for Royal without knowing she was living a lie. While Hollande was faking the devoted spouse and father, he was already separated, and in a long term relationship with Valerie. 
 I don't know how they keep their lies straight, or why anyone would put up with low life irresponsible behavior.
 Yes, I know... they're French, but this isn't l'ancien régime, and that path eventually leads to DSK. If it hadn't been for his chance encounter with Ms. Diallo, DSK would be sleeping in the Élysée Palace tonight, continuing his lifelong, socially condoned behavior.  

Anonymous said...

@Cincinna, Have you ever heard of the french expression " Tout ce qui est excessif est insignifiant"? Linking the private consenting lives of politicians ( and yes they do have the right to a private life) with the grotesque outcome of a nasty gang rape case is quite a leap.

By the same stretch I could also ague that what happened in that suburb of Paris is closer connected to the sexually repressive aspects of Islam which in turn show similarities to the traditionally sexually repressive aspects of american christian culture both of which, by the way, lead to more violent societies. How's that for farfetched.

Cincinna said...

I never conflated the two topics. They were both dealt with in the comments to Art's article on the Hollande/ Valerie/Devedjian triangle.
I responded to both stories in the same comment.

Your statement that equates Christian culture is America and radical Islam is ignorant, beneath contempt and unworthy of comment.