Saturday, November 17, 2012

New PS Leadership

Harlem Désir has installed a new leadership group at the head of the Socialist Party. The left wing has been excluded. Most of the names of the new leaders are unfamiliar, since all the familiar names are in the government. Does this move have any significance? For the future of French politics, no doubt it does, but I'm far too distant from the scene to read the tea leaves with any confidence. Perhaps some of you are more familiar with the inner workings of the party and would like to comment.

Here's a statement from Désir:

La nouvelle équipe doit porter «une orientation claire, celle du socialisme du réel et du réformisme ancré à gauche», a expliqué le premier secrétaire. La feuille de route est simple – c'est celle du président de la République – et le PS lancera la semaine prochaine «une grande campagne pour soutenir les réformes engagées par le gouvernement».
Back in the good old days of the General, this was what was called un parti godillot, a rubber stamp for presidential action. At the time, Socialists didn't think this was what politics ought to be like. I guess times have changed.


Anonymous said...

None of the figures in the new PS group are known outside the party. I've never even heard of them. It's a new generation.


Hadleigh Roberts said...

My friends in the PS Bureau National have suggested to me a growing lack of confidence in Ayrault. It is too soon to say, but these may be the seeds of discontent.