Friday, November 16, 2012

Zaretsky on the Socialist Dilemma

Rob Zaretsky uses history to explain the impasse in which the Socialists find themselves.


Anonymous said...

Illuminating in some ways, explaining some of the warring inspirational and technocratic impulses of the party (if we overlook at the coalitions and transformations it has gone through since 1905). But Zaretsky oddly highlights the budget deficit as a central problem, without any questioning of assumptions, and he also has this gnomic line: "Their pragmatism has been both eminently reasonable and inevitably detrimental." So what would he suggest as a governing strategy?

Anonymous said...

Zaretsky is better on the history of the SFIO than on Nutella. Nutella is not particularly working class, it's rather a generational thing. Eveybody below 17teen likes it in France !