Friday, February 3, 2012

The French Political Blogosphere

Check out this interactive map.  Inexplicably, I don't seem to be on it. Although there is an "observer" category, foreign observers don't seem to make the cut.

Bayrou Voters in Round 2

According to a recent poll, most Bayrou voters will go to Hollande in the second round rather than to Sarkozy--assuming that Sarkozy makes it to the second round!

Selon ce sondage, 46 % des électeurs de M. Bayrou se reporteraient au second tour sur M. Hollande, contre seulement 32 % sur M. Sarkozy.
Perhaps even more interesting, 31% of Le Pen voters will go to Hollande versus only 35 to Sarkozy! Of course this can be read 2 ways: Le Pen has made major inroads into the pool of voters who normally vote for the left, or Sarkozy has lost his appeal to the xenophobic right. Probably both are true.

The Nuclear Power Issue

Scott Sayare has an excellent article laying bare the ground-level politics of the nuclear power issue by focusing on the town of Fessenheim.