Friday, April 13, 2012

Mélenchon's Friends

I see that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has a lot of friends among readers of this blog, many of whom seem to share his good manners in treating their opponents, of whom I have now designated myself one. Yes, indeed, I am a "social traitor" with an undoubted soft spot for imperialist lackeys and plutocrat bankers (I keep my money in a bank, after all, as do many of my fellow reactionary old codgers, who've saved what they could from the grasping predators), but I'm not without comrades in the treacherous social-democratic camp. Here's one:
Malgré son talent, son humour dévastateur, son énergie, sa culture, j’ai beaucoup de mal avec ce bonhomme : il personnifie la franchouillardise jacobine et centralisatrice, l’arrogance du « gallus » perché sur ses ergots qui pense avoir raison contre le monde entier sous prétexte qu’il fait davantage de bruit que ses voisins de basse-cour.

Polling History

Le Monde looks back at the polls 10 days before the election in 2007 and compares the figures with the actual first-round votes. The polls underestimated the actual totals for both Sarkozy and Royal, came in slightly low on Bayrou, and considerably overestimated the vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen.