Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Post-Sarko UMP: De pire en pire

Jean-François Copé is everywhere these days, emulating his mentor Nicolas Sarkozy's route to the top via ubiquity. "Que je ne sois pas populaire auprès de l'ensemble des Français, c'est normal : je suis un repoussoir pour la gauche." He also claims that Fillon has no support within the party. And to top things off, he has chosen Christiane Taubira as an ideal target to win back FN voters: she is black, she's a woman, and her first move as minister of justice was to abolish criminal court trials for young delinquents, so that Fillon can appeal to concerns about "security" while warning FN voters that a vote for the FN is "a vote for Taubira."

This is the low road, but Copé thinks it will take him to the summit. Unfortunately, he may be right.