Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bartolone Gets the Perchoir

Bartolone élu candidat PS à la présidence de l'Assemblée

Le député PS de Seine-Saint-Denis, Claude Bartolone, a été élu par ses pairs candidat socialiste à la présidence de l'Assemblée nationale, et donc plus que probable président à l'issue du vote solennel qui aura lieu mardi 26 juin. Il a recueilli 127 voix sur 258 au premier tour, devançant largement ses trois concurrents, qui se sont retirés, annulant le second tour.

Bruno Le Roux

Bruno Le Roux has been elected chair of the Socialist group in the National Assembly. No surprise. He is described as follows:
Homme de confiance de François Hollande, M. Le Roux a notamment négocié les accords électoraux avec EELV, avant de devenir l'un de ses porte-paroles de campagne.
Very interesting, because we have also been told that M. Hollande did not consider himself bound by the agreement between the EELV and the Socialists, because it was an accord between parties, not a pledge by the presidential candidate of one of those parties. But the chief negotiator was a man who has had his confidence since 2002 and who has just been elected "by acclamation" to head the party group, which suggests a nihil obstat from Hollande.

I suppose that la présidence vaut bien une promesse en ce qui concerne le nucléaire, a promise that the president apparently has no intention of keeping (rightly so, in my view). But one can imagine a certain rancor on the side of the Greens, unless they, too, were party to the deception and perfectly willing to trade a meaningless promise for a substantial number of parliamentary seats. If so, chapeau! Everybody played his part extremely well, and it's no wonder that Le Roux is being rewarded for being point man in this commando raid.

Dark Horse

Bruno Le Maire says he might become a candidate for the leadership of the UMP if his ideas are "not taken up by the other candidates." I like Le Maire, probably more than I should, because I enjoyed the book in which he described his états d'âme as a cat's-paw in the war to the death between his mentor Villepin and Villepin's nemesis Sarkozy.