Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Call Center Controversy

The "optics" aren't good, as the saying goes: Ile-de-France Transport outsources its call center work to Morocco. One might have expected this from the efficiency-minded Right, but the Left? If the government can't keep government jobs at home, what jobs can it keep? I'm a wet social liberal, but this decision is a bit startling and seems a tad on the penny wise, pound foolish side.

I see Montebourg is on the case, but then again, what case hasn't he been on since he took office. His ubiquity reminds me of Sarkozy's as interior minister.

Well, at least this flap takes people's minds off Ségolène Royal's gaffe--or was it speaking truth to power--in saying that Najat Vallaud-Belkacem owed her job to her ethnic background. It would have been more gracious to say she owed her job to her good looks, but perhaps Royal had reasons for not going there.