Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gaming the OMT

Yanis Varoufakis explains why he thinks Mario Draghi's threat to enforce harsh austerity in exchange for unlimited liquidity is not credible.

Acemoglu and Robinson on Saving Europe

Here. I agree. I will be discussing this question as it relates to France at a conference in Syracuse at the Maxwell School Center for European Studies tomorrow and Saturday. Limited blogging until I get back.

Sarkozy Is Learning English

Maybe the Republicans should replace Romney with Sarkozy. He's a much better politician.

But Sarko might not fit with Republican mores:
Un mois plus tard, il est chez son ami Jean-Michel Goudard, à Mollégès dans le Luberon, dans la propriété que le publicitaire a rachetée à la veuve du PDG de M6 Jean Drucker. La maison a le confort des grands hôtels, la perfection esthétique des magazines de décoration et Nicolas Sarkozy s'est toujours amusé de ces mannequins à longues jambes et à conversation réduite dont s'entoure Goudard et qui paraissent posées autour de la piscine comme des objets de décoration.
And Carla? Is her conversation with the former head of state also "réduite?"

GMOs Again

A new study has been published with results said to be damning from one Monsanto-manufactured GMO, NK603, and the media are as usual off to the races. The government has reacted as well. Du calme, messieurs-dames. Let's allow the experts a chance to evaluate the study, by which I mean the statistics, not the lurid pictures of rats with bulging tumors. If I mention that there are other studies that draw different conclusions, I will be told that these were financed by Monsanto and therefore biased. Perhaps, but the critics fail to note that the present study was done by an avowed opponent of GMOs, so if interest is a priori evidence of bias, we cannot decide whom to believe. I will also be told that this study was of longer duration than previous studies. This may be significant but then again may not.