Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Computers at the Élysée were allegedly broken into by US cyberwarriors. More details here.

The UMP Saga Continues

Astonishingly, the UMP vote-counters forgot the votes of 3 overseas départments. Had they been counted, Fillon would have won by 26 votes rather than lost by 98. But according to Copé, the actual vote count is irrelevant, because the result has already been "proclaimed" and "there are rules." Meanwhile, Fillon has "renounced" any desire to preside over the UMP, since he notes, rightly, that neither he nor Copé can claim the requisite moral mandate. He proposes to place Alain Juppé, "une personnalité incontestable," at the head of the party while the two factions fight for its soul. Meanwhile, the rancor seems to be growing, and talk of "une scission" is everywhere.

On France2 tonight, Copé's baratin struck me as even more preposterous than usual. Unflappable salesmanship sets a tone that is quite incompatible with the gravity of the crisis. Meanwhile, Bruno Lemaire, to date nonaligned, let it be known that an end to the "circus" is imperative. But suppose there is none. Which way will he jump? As I said yesterday, any number of reconfigurations of the Right now seem possible. The "circus" may in fact mark the beginning of a new era in French politics. Interesting times.