Thursday, November 29, 2012

DSK Will Settle with Diallo

Well, the US end of the DSK saga may finally be coming to an end. It has been reported that a settlement is in the works with Ms. Diallo. No monetary figure has been mentioned, but we can count on the usual irresponsible sources to begin bandying numbers about. Fantastical tales about what actually did or did not happen will be respun. But no one cares anymore. This story has burned itself out. Good riddance.

Behind the Scenes

Every once in a while, Le Monde publishes an article that pulls back the curtains on public life to reveal some of the private networks that shape the politics we are allowed to see. Ariane Chemin has just written such a piece, revealing what other journalists probably know quite well but we outside observers cannot fathom until some insider is willing to lift the veil, even just a little. Here, we glimpse some of the very interesting relationships that grew out of the Rocardism of the Mitterrand years. "We were the sabras of Rocardism," says one of the group, Stéphane Fouks, who first came to my attention as DSK's publicist after the Sofitel affair. Fouks was part of a trio with Alain Bauer, DSK's security chief, and Manuel Valls, now minister of the interior. The article offers a fascinating glimpse of an evolving nexus of personal and political relationships. With Valls now frequently mentioned as a prime ministerial prospect (despite Mélenchon's audacious self-promotion for the job), this piece is of particular interest for insight into the background of his politics.