Friday, January 11, 2013

France Sends Troops to Mali

French helicopter gunships launched attacks on jihadist rebels in pickup trucks in Mali, where a growing insurrection in the north has suddenly shifted its focus southward. President Hollande promised to halt the rebel advance. His move thus far seems to enjoy broad support across the political spectrum.


Anonymous said...

1 hostage (a spy) killed and one soldier killed but there still seems to be support for the operation.

Art, I do not know whether you saw the NYT's article about the anti-gay mariage protest on Sunday, but I was stunned at the way things were presented. Frigide Barjot for example is well-known as a reactionary icon, ie. pretending to be cool but a spokesperson for the radical right, whereas the article seemed to think she really is a "cool grandma who loves gays and just doesn't think they should get married". The article also didn't point to the (less-known) Copé call to use Jan 13's protest to "faire sauter Ayrault" (kick the prime minister out? Jump him?) I do find the French debate odd because people really aren't devout or even practicing, by and large. I get that in the US the debate is framed around religion but in France it's hard to make sense of it outside of the political system ie. right v. left (this being a mere pretext).

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the above commenter's confusion. A product of Mediterranean traditionalist machismo culture? And yet relatively more religious Spain managed to overcome that.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed for a long time that the NYT reporting about France is quite appalling, making me doubt what they say on other subjects.