Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is the Labor Reform Pact Doomed?

J.-C. Mailly has announced that the FO will in all probability vote no (behind paywall). Two outcomes seem most likely at present. Either there will be no agreement, or the CFDT will accept a minimal pact (after extracting a few more concessions from the government) and induce some smaller unions to follow suit. The CGT has already said that it will not accept the accord, indeed, that it will combat it. But the FO's decision is crucial for the following reason:

La décision de FO pèsera lourd quand il s'agira de transposer un éventuel accord dans une loi, comme s'y est engagé le gouvernement. En attendant que la réforme de 2008 sur la représentativité syndicale produise, avant l'été, tous ses effets, c'est la loi du 4 mai 2004 qui joue.
Elle prévoit que "la validité d'un accord interprofessionnel est subordonnée à l'absence d'opposition de la majorité des organisations syndicales de salariés représentatives". En d'autres termes, pour que l'accord soit valide, il faut que trois centrales sur cinq signent.
And as unions go, the FO is a very interesting organization, whose rank-and-file broke down as follows in the 2012 presidential elections:
Au premier tour de la présidentielle de 2012, selon un sondage IFOP, 31 % des sympathisants de FO ont voté pour François Hollande, 25 % pour Marine Le Pen, 14 % pour Nicolas Sarkozy comme pour François Bayrou et 12 % pour Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
I would not relish the task of trying to figure out, as a negotiator, what kind of deal would be likely to please such a créature contre-nature, which resembles something out of Borges more than a traditional "trade union."


Linca said...

And you're forgetting "led by the friends of M.Gluckstein and Schivardi"...

DavidinParis said...

Art, you know the answer to your question as well as I do...in a word, 'yes'. Labor reform is doomed in France. Until the government in partnership with the financial institutions remove the stigma of having a CDD instead of a CDI for obtaining loans and even mere respectability amongst one's peers, the word 'precare' will carry with it all its negative implications.

A second and interesting fact you raise is the 14% of the FO for the FN. What a travesty.

Nick said...

25% of FO voted FN! That is astounding, and indicative of the profound weirdness of that organization. As it happens, I'm pretty sure there is some sort of rule in the CGT and the CFDT that members are barred from voting or supporting fascist or extremist parties, which includes the FN.