Thursday, January 17, 2013

"La palme du misogyne beauf"

« Misogyne beauf », « nana » : échanges... by publicsenat


Mitch Guthman said...

I'm happy to have learned to interesting French words ("Beauf" and "nana").

I didn't understand a lot of it and I can't figure out what they're arguing about.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, they're arguing about women's role in public life. Some of the senators are saying that if local councilors were half men half women, there wouldn't be enough qualified women, that the women would be used for their decorative qualities, that they should be given a probation until they prove they can do the job... Hence the woman's response.

Somehow, even with the "war on women", I can't imagine this playing in the US Senate.

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Mitch Guthman said...

@ Anonymous,

Thanks very much. Even after looking on the Senat website I still couldn’t figure out what they were arguing about and I missed a lot of the spoken French.

Robert said...

You know, I once heard a story about a pre-WWII French member of the House of Deputies telling a black Caribbean fellow lawmaker "you ought to shut up because your grandfather served mine." Another one about King Juan Carlos addressing the National Assembly and lawmakers crowding near him afterward to talk about bullfighting.

The female Senator in the video was right to stand her ground. But QED: Don't ever take members of any parliament too seriously.