Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bounce?

So after all the hoopla about the miracles that Mali was working on François Hollande's countrymen, who overnight ceased to think of him as Flanby and began comparing him to de Gaulle, Napoleon, and Louis XIV, CSA finds that his approval rating in fact bounced from 35% in January to .... 38% in February.

I feel retrospectively justified in my skepticism.


Massilian said...

I am glad you do ! For a second I had the weird feeling that you might have vacillated, though discretly and briefly, in your rock solid skepticism and that the pink veil of Hollandish illusionism could have altered your sharp vision as it did ours. But I was wrong. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Juste pour l'info, IFOP has Hollande up 6 points to 43%.