Saturday, February 9, 2013

"The Problem in Europe Is That We Are Not Alone"

“The problem in Europe is that we are not alone, so this is not the agreement I wanted,” Mr. Hollande said. But he described the deal as “the best possible under current constraints and circumstances.”
Yes, that about says it all. François Hollande would have liked a deal in which France agreed with itself about the future of Europe. After all, that is the way it used to be. Or occasionally there would be some historic compromise with Germany. But as long as the two major European powers had it their way, Paris had no problem with "integration" or "cooperation." Now, however, our European statesmen have discovered that they "are not alone," and François Hollande in particular has discovered that he is not alone, although he predicated his campaign on the notion that everything could be renegotiated once he was in power. At last, the truth has struck home. We are not alone, we must somehow make do with the death grip that austerity ideology has on too many European policy makers, and if there is a way out of this crisis, it is going to have to be found not with but in spite of the European Uniion.

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