Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sarkozy and Gay Marriage, and Chirac Advises Hollande

Nicolas Sarkozy is not only daydreaming about the presidency again; he seems to be concocting new schemes to divide and conquer as a means of getting there. Gay marriage being the cause of the hour, Sarko has taken it in his mind to worry about "the traceability" of the offspring of same-sex couples. The secrecy shrouding the biological parents will become a social problem, he claims. Such tender solicitude for the traditional family may seem a trifle insincere in a man divorced many times, but any wood is good to make a bonfire.

Meanwhile, France TV has been at work on a new series called "La dernière campagne," which will feature Bernard LeCoq as Jacques Chirac, Thierry Frémont as Nicolas Sarkozy, and Patrick Braoudé as François Hollande. It seems that Chirac, in order to avenge himself on Sarkozy, has decided to offer political counsel to François Hollande. In this amusing clip, for example, we witness the inception of the 75% tax on individuals earning over €1 million a year.

Extrait "La dernière campagne" de Bernard Stora by france3aquitaine

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