Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sarkozy Formally Charged in Bettencourt Affair

Nicolas Sarkozy has been mis en examen by the investigating magistrate in connection with the Bettencourt affair. The charge is that he took advantage of the diminished mental capacity of Mme Bettencourt to obtain money for his campaign. Le Monde calls the charge a "thunderclap."


Mitch Guthman said...

Wow! I did not see this coming. The question now is whether they've got the goods on Sarko and does it get pushed to a trial.

Mediapart seems to be doing some pretty impressive investigative journalism. They were talking about this before anybody else; same with l'affaire Tapie (and now Lagarde's house has been searched). I believe I'm going to spring for a subscription. In fact, I think it's practically a civic duty to subscribe.

Passerby said...

Mediapart also brought forward the whole Cahuzac story. Quite a few notches on their belt over the past months. Yesterday I also started seriously thinking about subscribing. Aside from the Canard we don't see much investigative journalism in the mediatic landsacpe.

For those interested, Edwy Plenel (Mediapart's president) will be participating tomorrow in the radioshow "Le secret des sources" (as the name suggest the program is heavilty focused on investigative journalism).
You can either listen to the broadcast live, or like any other France Culture program, later via podcast.

How to Live in France said...

And Sarkozy has practically threatened the judge!! "Ne vous inquiétez pas, je n'en resterai pas là" Emoi du magistrat, qui interprète cette phrase comme une menace à peine voilée."