Friday, March 1, 2013

Sciences Po Picks Its Man

Surprise, surprise. The favorite son of the powers-that-be, Frédéric Mion, has been selected to head Sciences Po, replacing the late Richard Descoings. The FNSP preferred him by 24 votes to 1 over Jean-Michel Blanquer, a candidate who had previously been excluded from the short list of finalists for the job. Blanquer was brought back into the picture after one of the chosen finalists, Louis Vogel, withdrew his candidacy, alleging that the process was rigged and that the selection committee was ignoring its own stated criteria. The third finalist, the American Andrew Wachtel, received no votes, lending some credence to Vogel's allegation that the outcome was wired from the start.

Mion is not in, however, until the government approves this choice. Since the previous selectee was rejected, it is by no means certain that the government will go along, except that yet another round in this melee is likely to open the process to even more ridicule and animosity that it has already aroused.

Here is a tick-tock of the events leading up to today's vote.

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