Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cahuzac Reaction

You can't get much angrier than this:


PF said...

As you say, the question is whether this will be a productive rage. Otherwise it's a distraction (whistling while the ship sinks) or license for no-better politicians with worse ideals to take the stage or maim a presidency.

Louis said...

This is absolutely heartwrenching to watch for anybody on the Left. The stain will remain, whatever the attempts at damage control. If this is our Salengro scandal, and there are all the elements for it, then we are in for bad times indeed.

And, in the middle of that, a good president in extremely bad times will see everything he does and will do washed away by suspicion and discontent. Cahuzac can go back to Villeneuve, he has done enough.

Art Goldhammer said...

Salengro was innocent!

brent said...

@Louis: "Heart-wrenching for anybody on the Left" indeed, but is there anybody on the Left? Not in the PS, hélas, whose historic mission is to accommodate the financial interests in Frankfurt and Berlin (notice I avoided the phrase "international finance"). When people of the Left finally let go of their denial and realize that Cahuzac is all too representative of the actual PS, they will notice that the Left has by default become the FdG.