Monday, April 22, 2013

Peillon, Citing "Intellectual and Moral Crisis," Proposes a Course in "Lay Morality"

Sarkozy insisted that the école laïque had failed to replace the Church as moral educator of France's young and proposed in some vague way that the priests be brought back in. Vincent Peillon, the current minister of education, appears to share the diagnosis of failure but as a good lay republican he thinks that the école laïque can heal itself. Hence his proposal to institute a course in "lay morality." Le Monde waspishly suggests that it can think of a number of politicians who could use a refresher course, but Peillon deflects the jab by insisting that what France needs is "un sursaut collectif." A nice Gaullist idea and Gaullist word, sursaut collectif. In these desperate times, the Socialist Republic seems to feel the need of a little Gaullian backbone. I wouldn't hold out much hope for, like, you know, actual results, however.

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