Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why Was Cahuzac in the PS?

Pierre Haski raises an interesting question. What was Jérôme Cahuzac doing in the Socialist Party? Haski takes note of Cahuzac's close relations with two members of the violent extreme-right organization known as GUD (Groupe Union Défense), discussed in this Le Monde article. Cahuzac was a wealthy surgeon on the make. This, plus his choice of close friends, would seem to have destined him to end up on the right when he chose to turn to politics as a career. Was it simply opportunism? Was there an opening to run for local office on the left at the time he took the plunge? What oriented him toward the Strauss-Kahnian wing of the party? It's an interesting question in the microsociology of politics, to which I have no answer.

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How to Live in France said...

Likely answer is simply that greed and opportunism frequently go together. And maybe he thought he'd face less scrutiny if he joined the left. Because who would suspect a leftist minister to be doing this.